Nature's Blend 40 lb Bucket

Nature's Blend 40 lb Bucket

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This is the ice melt that is both effective and safe for kids, pets, and vegetation. Because Ice Slicer is naturally more concentrated than white salt, we recommend that you apply much less to get the job done. It is a dye-free, urea-free, and polymer-free ice melt. Ice Slicer is so safe it has become a key ingredient in Redmond’s bestselling products for animals – products that promote optimal health in agricultural and wildlife management operations. Ice Slicer’s concentrated pellets contain 1/60 the alkali content found in typical rock salt. When you use Ice Slicer, you are decreasing your chloride impact by up to 50% and cut your alkaline impact by up to 167%. Ice Slicer’s gradations provide stabilizing traction, the 60+ minerals help it brine faster and last longer than typical rock salt, and the unique natural color help you see where it has been applied. Independent lab testing has shown that Ice Slicer melts up to 3.5 times more ice than white salt in the first 10 minutes.

Ice Slicer Nature’s Blend will change the way you approach residential deicing:

• OMRI Organic Certified
• Granules create traction
• 60+ trace minerals=faster melting
• No dyes or coloring agents
• Safer solution for vegetation
• Less corrosive on all surfaces
• Fewer chlorides=healthier waterways

We aim to provide safer environments during snow and ice events. Achieve fewer slips and falls with safer driveways, walkways and stairs. We help get you where you're going safely.